Guidelines and Policies

  • Classes are open to any person provided they can participate without assistance in class.
  • Beginners and those who have special health concerns are always welcome.
  • While Tai Chi consists of gentle movements, and when practiced correctly, pose minimal risk for injury, you should always consult your medical professionals if you are in doubt of your ability, have had a recent injury or if you are new to exercise.
  • Participants are required to work within their own comfort zone at all times and are encouraged to rest at any time if needed and to.
  • Rest can range from standing up with less bend in the knees, standing up and moving the limbs, sitting in the chair to practice the form, sitting in the chair and not doing the form but visualizing the form.
  • Comfort zone means to do things that are comfortable. You must listen to your body and if there is any discomfort, stiffness or strange feelings stop and ask for assistance in your stance or posture. If uncomfortable movements continue then it is advised for you to seek guidance from your medical professionals.
  • Participants are required to do gentle warm-up exercises before they start and cool-down exercises afterward. (Even if arriving late or leaving early) Warm-ups prepare your muscles and mind for tai chi and cool-downs help to release muscle tension. Both exercises help to minimize injury.
  • Participants who have chronic conditions are required to wear shoes.
  • Each student who registers for the full scheduled session will receive a set of guidelines and a release form that the student will read and sign. The set of guidelines is yours to keep to refer to.
  • Classes are non-refundable unless there is a serious personal illness.
  • Each student who registers for a full scheduled session will be allowed to make up a missed class by attending any other class in that session. There is one scheduled make up day set during the session -usually the last Saturday of the session. Makeup classes are only during the current session.
  • If you know of someone who would like to take the class but unable to afford fees, we will be setting up scholarship funds in the future.
  • Scholarship fund: Contributions to a scholarship fund for those who are less fortunate are welcome. If you are a senior ( 65 years and up) and can afford to pay the under 65 y price ( $6) and wish to contribute the difference of $2 to a scholarship fund that is an option. This is not tax-deductible.