Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention, Sun Style

Tai Chi For Arthritis is one program of many from the Tai Chi for Health series developed by Dr. Paul Lam that empowers people to improve their health and wellness. Tai Chi for Arthritis helps people with arthritis or other chronic conditions grow stronger, feel better and take control. It is designed for individuals with arthritis, rheumatic diseases, or related musculoskeletal conditions (there are over 100 different conditions under arthritis) It can be done sitting or standing. Many students DO NOT have arthritis or chronic conditions but like the idea of a shorter easier form that quickly gives health benefits. There may be people in the class who do not have arthritis but would like an introductory class into tai chi.

Tai Chi for Arthritis/Healthy Joints is taught at the studio using Dr. Lam’s program, has information about arthritis but also has additional healthful Qigong added. As students become more knowledgeable, confident and stronger they may choose to go from Part 1 to Part 2. The Depth of TCA goes over each martial aspect and the essential principles are highlighted. Additional movements are added to make a total of 41. Progression movements can be added if desired.

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