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Sun Style

( pronounced “soon” as in– I will soon be learning tai chi!)

Sun style is the youngest of the major styles. It was created by Sun Lu-tang (1861-1932). He first mastered 2 distinct internal martial styles before he learned Wu- Hao style Tai Chi. He used the stepping method from Ba Gua Zhang, the waist and leg methods from Xing Yi Chuan and the body softness of Wu-Hao tai chi and Sun style tai chi was born. He was one of the first martial artists to make martial books available to the public and the fist to break tradition and publicly teach women. His hope was students would learn martial arts not to fight but to improve their health of the body. His secret “was to seek a balance of practice”. His original family form is 98 postures.

Currently, four different classes of Sun style are taught depending on the level of activity, health, and intention. Sun Competition 73, Tai Chi for Healthy Joints and Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and 2.

Who Participates in Sun style classes?

Students of all ages and abilities study Sun style tai chi. It is fluid and smooth with an underlying current of internal energy in the spiral movements. Added to the spiraling, is the frequent and intentional use of Qigong, so students report they feel the energy (or Qi) faster in Sun style. The tempo is slow so you can learn about your body and posture and how you can improve and strengthen muscles supporting joints. The stance is higher so it is easier to practice without joint involvement. Breathing and mind intention lead to relaxation which leads to pain relief and increased confidence in moving. Hints are given to put tai chi in the most simple movements of daily living such as standing. Many students DO NOT have arthritis or chronic conditions but like the idea of a shorter easier form that quickly gives health benefits.

The Objectives of Community Tai Chi Sun style program

Anyone can benefit from this class, including those interested in maintaining healthy joints as well as those living with arthritis

  • To provide a safe and interesting program, which is easy to learn for people of almost any physical condition or age without prior knowledge of Tai Chi
  • To deliver maximum relief from the main problems experienced by people with mild to moderate arthritis–namely pain and stiffness.
  • To benefit health and wellness in general
  • To improve relaxation
  • To allow personal learning to advance in a stepwise progression determined only by intention and motivation of the student.

Feel Great * Stay Fit * Keep Moving

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Sun style 73 Class

Effectiveness for Healthy Joints and Arthritis

The Benefits

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