24 Movements Learned

The class consists of 24 Postures, warm-ups, foundation movements and qigong from a variety of programs, cooldowns, and breathing.

Regular and consistent participation in class and “playing” (practice) at home will maximize the benefits and strengthen the learning process.

The 24 Form is divided into three parts. Part one is listed below.

  1. Commencement or Opening
  2. Parting Wild Horse’s Mane L, R, L 3 times
  3. White Crane Cools Wings
  4. Brush Knee Left, right, left
  5. Lifting Hands
  6. Repulse Monkey 4 times
  7. Single whip
  8. Grasp (Stroke) the Bird’s Tail left
  9. Grasp (Stroke) the Bird’s Tail right
  10. Single whip
  11. Cloud Hands (3) left
  12. Single whip
  13. Turn Body and Kick with heel right
  14. Turn Body and Kick with Heel left
  15. Strike (Punch) Ears with Both Fists
  16. Snake Creeps Down & Golden Rooster Left
  17. Snake Creeps Down & Golden Rooster Right
  18. Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles
  19. Needle at the Sea Bottom
  20. Fan Through the Back
  21. Turn Body to Deflect Downwards Parry Punch
  22. Apparent Close-Up
  23. Cross Hands
  24. Closing Form

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