Twelve Tai Chi Movements

Twelve Tai Chi Movements Learned

Part 1 class consists of 12 movements, special warm-ups, cool downs, breathing, and Qigong exercises all with joint-friendly precautions. Participants will be challenged by reversing the direction of the 12 movements. Part 2 consists of 10 additional movements (total of 32) that can be added to increase the depth of practice. As students progress then they move into a standard class of 73 movements or continue to take depth class of the 32 movements.

Regular and consistent participation in class and “playing” (practice) at home will maximize the benefits and strengthen the learning process.

Basic Movements

  1. Commencement Form
  2. Open and Closing Hands
  3. Single Whip
  4. Wave Hand in Cloud
  5. Opening and Closing Hands
  6. Closing Movements

Advanced Movements

  1. Brush Knee and Twist Step
  2. Playing the Lute
  3. Step Forward Parry and Punch
  4. Block and Close
  5. Pushing the Mountain
  6. Open and Closing Hand

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