Basic Class Information

  • Classes are taught in a group setting with personal instruction given. Everyone learns at their own pace. One to one classes are also offered. Contact Cathi for more information.
  • Safety during class time is our number one priority so please exercise to your own comfort level. See guidelines for your specific class. Always ask questions!
  • You may join a class even though the session has started. Please call! Class fee will be prorated and/or you will double up during the remaining weeks or use the 2 Saturdays to equal 12 weeks.
  • Class sizes are limited pre-registration is required.
  • Students who register and pay the full scheduled session fee will receive printed or emailed warm-ups, cool downs, qigong, form booklets with pictures (if pictures are available) and discounts on DVDs.
  • Restrooms are located nearby at all class locations for breaks and changing.
  • The Studio is located on the second floor of the Penstar Office Center. There are wide and well-lit stairs at all entrances. There is an elevator located at the main entrance to the building. Please indicate on your registration form if you need special assistance.
  • Please use the front parking lot and main entrance for evening classes at the Studio location. All parking lots are paved, well lit and snow is removed for your convenience.
  • Snow Cancellation: Tentative policy: If schools are canceled due to snow in the town that the class is held, day time classes will be canceled. Please check the home page on the website or call for day or evening classes during snowstorms!

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Basic Class Information

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Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures

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